Gods Of Nibiru

Do you like Flight Shooter games? Then get ready for something new, something that is much more of a tactical shooter than the average shmup you have seen before!

Just like in a dual stick shooter you have one control to move your ship and another one to set bullet direction of the ship's primary weapons (cannon, plasma gun, death ray, etc.). In addition to that tapping enemies will aim and fire your ship's secondary weapons (rocket, fusion gun, etc.) and two finger touch is used for mega bombs. There are tons of ways to customize your ship, RPG elements and more to affect your gaming experience significantly. Top that with 9 amazing levels filled with swarms of enemies, big bosses, smooth animation, fantastic sound tracks and sound FX and you'll get hours of non-stop, fast-paced thrilling gameplay.


Somewhere far far away in the Pixel Universe, in the depths of a Designer's Mind lies a Paper World, where everything is cut out of paper. A beautiful planet, where all its inhabitants live in peace and harmony. However once an unsuccessful paper creation is forgotten by the stressed-out Designer, here comes the fearful Black Hole that absorbs and destroys everything related to that creation. Obviously, the poor little Paper creatures don’t want to see their end. The only option is to stand up and kick the Black Hole’s ass!!!


  • unique instant space ship upgrade ability, fight the way you want, no limits
  • use dark energy to build a unique space ship, chose from: 7 ship hulls, from lightweight scout to mammoth battle ship 15+ weapons, equip ship with 7 weapon types : plasma guns, rockets, laser guns, shield destructors, fusion guns, cannons and massive death rays 15+ power-ups and shields mega bombs, blast your enemies to hell
  • reusable dark energy resource, figure out the most effective ship configuration for a particular wave of aliens
  • RPG elements
  • 9 levels with amazing environments and filled with swarms of aliens to deal with: 40+ enemies 9 big bosses 5 soundtracks with fantastic energy music 100+ sound fx
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • crafted graphics with smooth animations running 60fps
  • 2+ hours of non-stop, fast-paced action gameplay
  • easy to pick up but difficult to master
  • compete on the global leaderboard