Cutout Fighter

Have you ever imagined a world, just like our own, made entirely out of paper? Here is your chance to experience it as you join its paper inhabitants in their battle for survival. Who gets binned and who gets erased – that is the question! Now you can add a little touch and help the paper folks win against the all-erasing one!

Made in gorgeous old school pixelated graphics style with an insanely cheeky 8bit music soundtrack, this fighting game will keep you glued to your shiny hand-held! Meet a bunch of wicked characters from different parts of the paper world confronting each other as they fight their way to facing the inevitable powerful boss – the Black Hole! Perform insane Paper Overdrives – cut, slash, tear and dissolve your opponent! It is more than just a button-pushing fighter!


Somewhere far far away in the Pixel Universe, in the depths of a Designer's Mind lies a Paper World, where everything is cut out of paper. A beautiful planet, where all its inhabitants live in peace and harmony. However once an unsuccessful paper creation is forgotten by the stressed-out Designer, here comes the fearful Black Hole that absorbs and destroys everything related to that creation. Obviously, the poor little Paper creatures don’t want to see their end. The only option is to stand up and kick the Black Hole’s ass!!!


  • Glorious old school pixelated graphics style
  • Fabulous animated paper effects (yes, paper instead of blood!)
  • Awesome 1500+ hand-drawn, hand-crafted images
  • Insanely cheeky 8-bit music soundtrack
  • 200+ Stunning sound effects
  • 7 Wicked characters including 2 secret
  • 7 Gorgeous Paper World locations including 2 secret
  • Unleash 4 Deadly Paper Overdrives which can kill your opponent instantly
  • Superb classic fighting control system
  • Smashing fast and dynamic arcade game play
  • 2 Heavenly game modes: Single and Tournament
  • 3 Devastating levels of difficulty
  • Remarkable Game Center Achievement collection and Leader Boards